Please enjoy my free tutorials and patterns.   Feel free to USE and SHARE these images.   You may sell items made with my patterns.  You are not allowed to sell these patterns, or to claim this work as your own.  I’d love to see examples of what you make in my Flicker Group.

DIY Locker Chandelier Tutorial

Locker Chandelier Tutorial-Locker Accessories

Fat Quarter Drawstring Bag

Easy After School SnackEasy After School Snack

Cat Toy TutorialCat Toy in 5 Minutes

 foot pocket tutorial cover

After school snack: Banana nutella peanut butterNutty Banana Dog afterschool snack

Magnolia Blossom Fabric DIY Tutorial
Magnolia Blossom Tutorial
EasyPeasy Patchwork Quilt
EasyPeasy Patchwork Quilt
Glorious Autumn wall hanging
Glorious Autumn wall hanging

The UnBinding method  AKA Pillowcase method. 

Granny's Bat Cover

Granny’s Bat and Bat Cave

LazyDaisyandButterfly COVER Lazy Daisy and Butterfly 10 inch

Birds on a wire cover Bird On A Wire PDF pattern 10 inch block

BlueBird of Happiness cover Blue Bird Of Happiness 10 inch block PDF

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    1. The instructions are on the front page for the daisy. And the butterfly is just A to B, then add C, then add D, and add a last piece to make it 10″. I didn’t really write out instructions for most of the small paperpiece blocks.