American Flag

I saw a soap online that I just HAD to duplicate.  Kim Taggard at Boulder city soap and candle company  created it. It is called Americana. Go look it up!  Her process is amazing

I am sure this was a cold process, while mine is a hot process, so I knew there would be a few issues. But I wanted to try anyway.

First, I bought the star mold. Then used a honey glycerin melt and pour. It came out perfect!!

I was out of goatmilk powder, so I ended up with lye water that was too hot.  Soap Volcano!!!

But it was ok.  I colored it, scented it, and went to work.

I was really happy, even with the uneven stripes and too-low blue section. Practice makes perfect!

The cut made me smile!  And then….the color started changing. FacePalm. I forgot the vanilla stabilizer. Crap.

Not sure what color this will turn into in the end. I guess it is now called Ragged Old Flag. Lol. It smells amazing though!  Like Smores!!

Hot Process soaps CAN still be beautiful

See?  Beautiful!   And this was made with liquid colors from a Big Box Store.  It gets better!!!!

This is a Honey Melt and Pour base, that I mixed with neon powder colors from Wholesale Supplies Plus.  I am NOT affiliated with them; I am simply very happy at the moment!!  Look at this CUT!

It swirled a bit more than I wanted, but I am still happy!

And then there is this one!!!!

The color, the swirl, I am in LOVE!  The flecks bug me a bit, but I have figured out what happened.  And I still love this!!

The last one I tried today, is a Patchouli Rose.   The colors are so dreamy and light.  Exactly the shades I was looking for.  And notice…no flecks!

And I almost succeeded in a proper Butterfly Swirl!!

I have another box coming in today with a star column mode, Smore’s Campfire Fragrance, and Americana color powders.  Care to guess what I will be making??!!!    I just need more lye and Castor oil………

Summer vacation means Soap, Soap, and MORE SOAP!

I finally made a real order with Wholesale Supplies Plus.  Oils are cheaper, lye is cheaper (although I can get it even cheaper in bulk) and the scents/colors are FABULOUS!

I am pretty sure I have my base recipe narrowed down.  Look at this lather!

I will be back soon with some more in-depth postings.  I just wanted to say a quick HI!  OH!!    Remember this quilt?

WildChild took 1st place in the LA State Jr Beta Fiber Arts Competition.  We are taking it at the end of June to Orlando, where we HOPE she will bring back the same award Apprentice won last year!

Perfecting the Swirl

I am perfecting my swirl.   The SOAP swirl, that is!!   It is taking some effort, but I am pretty close.   I already have a great recipe.  Very very happy with it.  I have decided I will have several lines.  An All Natural Essential Oil no coloring line, a crazy fragrance oil and color swirls line, and a drunken line.   Yes, I said Drunken Line!!  LOL.  I made 3 drunken soaps over Easter Break. 2 with wine and one with beer.  As well as 4 others.

First was a Grapefruit Chardonnay.  Goat Milk powder is mixed into the wine.  The sugars in the wine made for a very quick trace!!

Next was a Blackberry Merlot.  Again, milk powder was added.

Last, I used my Handyman’s home brewed Peanut Butter Porter.  Added just a dash of musk, hoping to up the manly factor.  I should have added more, but it is still a good product.

At this date, 5/18/17, I have NO Cardonnay left.   And only a few of the Merlot and Porter.

The other swirls are good too.   A Patchouli rose, which was a custom scent….(original is sold out, but the second batch is curing)A cucumber melon (sold out)and Cool Water (also sold out)

All 3 of these soaps are available now.   The next 2 batches are in the cure stage, and will be available soon. Including these beauties.

Some new kids!

We made a trek the Wednesday after Easter to All We Need Farms in Needville TX for some new does,  Nothing like a Nubian goat!!   Those ears–oh man those ears!! 

She had 2.   We went for only one.

The Blue Eyed Boy chose the darker and more annoying one.  HAHAH  She is a nibbler, and a super nosy busybody.

Loads of personality!  But somehow, we couldn’t leave the other one.   They are not from the same mama, but they were raised as if they were.   So the quieter paler doeling came home too.

Flat tire made for an interesting pit stop.   2 goats on a noose leash at a truck stop!

However, once we got them home, the quiet pale one became SUPER vocal!!  Hollers for attention.  She can’t stand to be without a human.  Both of them are so loving, so sweet, so personable.   Nothing like a Nubian!

Their names?   The darker is Reese’s Pieces.   The lighter is Peanut Butter Cup.   We call them Reese and Peanut.

My Thalia was super jealous for awhile.   Can you tell??

And all 3 of the big girls were a little uncertain of these 2 new creatures.

But now, all get along like they have been together for ages.  (look close—there are 5 goats here!  haha)

And they all love the new paddock that HandyMan created for them.


New baby??!!!!!

Update–Oh heavens I wrote this ages ago and forgot to post it!!!  LOL.  Somehow it got lost.  This ended up NOT being the baby we got!!   But we are still so happy with what we did end up getting.  Stay tuned.  That post will be up soon!!!

Original post written April 12, 2017:

We are SOOO excited!!!  On the anniversary of Juniper’s Gotcha Day, we are expecting a new baby.  All We Need Farms in Needville TX has a set of twin does.  This is the stolen pic of one with a milk musache.

One of the twins will be OURS!  We sadly have to wait until the Wednesday after Easter to go get her. Until then, extra preperations will be made.  Baby Thalia ended up hurt by Juniper her second night here, so we first need a Baby Pen created.  We are also praying for babies in early December.

My poor hubby is also tired of the hay mess in his shed.  Second is a hay loft.

Third, the barn was never properly skinned….we used plastic to protect this year.  Next winter will have a properly protected barn.

AND (best for last)……Brewmaster is making a huge expanded paddock for the girls in our sideyard!!!   They will love this extra space! Especially on weekends and during the summer.   The dogs will have their backyard, and the goats will have theirs!!

Some more good news… homemade soap is selling well!   The few who bought it at the last craft fair are clamoring for more.

I know most soapers sneer at anything Hot Processed (ie cooked in a crockpot), but I LOVE the quirky imperfections it delivers!  I have a fairly solid recipe finally.  Still a few tweaks to be made, but I am 90% happy with my product. I can’t wait to use fresh milk from Thalia, instead of the powdered I use now.

And then the cheese…….OH the CHEESE!!!!!

GBye, y’all!!!