About Me….

I am Amy.  This blog started out as a way to showcase my quilting.  It has morphed into something else, entirely!  Including my new-found love for Nubian milk goats.  My poor BrewMaster has been stuck with me since we met in college 20 years ago.  Together we have 4 rugrats– The Apprentice (15), WildChild (12), BlueEyed Boy (9) and BrownEyed Boy (7)

I started quilting because there was no one else to make heirlooms for my children!   I was pregnant with my first child, and my first niece was also on the way.  I sewed mostly dresses until I quit working at the birth of our 2nd daughter.  Those first two quilts were plain 9 patch and snowball blocks, and hand quilted because I had no concept of machine quilting.  I now have a Bernina Activa 125, as well as a Tin Lizzie Empress Long Arm.  They are named Bernie and Jemma Tell.  I also have a Singer 301 that is used as my WorkHorse these days.

I started soaping because I needed a use for the Nubian milk….in case it tasted nasty!  (spoiler–it doesn’t!)  I love the chemistry and the artistry combined.


peace and pieces, and goat poop too……..




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    1. Just don’t ask me to speak YOUR language and we are OK! I took German for a few years in college, but I don’t remember any of it. So PLEASE don’t ask! I am also excited about the swap!