Hurricane Harvey

Well, it has been an interesting week so far.  Hurricane Harvey headed my way. We loaded kids Thursday afternoon in the first rain band. It was LOADS of fun. (Sarcasm dripping, here). But laughing kept the kids calm. My coworkers and Principal are amazing women!  

The next day school was canceled. Harvey had turned into a monster. 

We kept a close eye over several days.  My WildChild did a darn good job tending her babies in the rain. 

We played games to keep us from going stir crazy. Didn’t work. 

Anxiously watched the rain gauge.  The weather channel.

 We knew our house wouldn’t flood, but wasn’t sure about the barn. We had plans!!!  A tarp, shavings, and a big bathroom!

During a break, the goats got some grazing in.

And Thalia got some hugs!

We watched the carnage in Houston. Prayed for many friends. Some escaped; others did not. It is devestating. Then it came back out to sea and headed for us.


Ultimately, the storm shifted again, and the eye passed over us. It was only a Tropical Storm at this point. And the rain somehow all ended up in Beaumont. 

Still, a total of about 17″ landed here at the Muddy 3/4 Acre. Toldeo Bend dams have been opened. High tide is expected. I have many local friends that back up to waterways. So many are still in danger. My eldest has a great friend who has several inches in their house already. 

I ask for prayers. For the people of Texas. For the people of Louisiana. For all those involved in the rescue and relief missions.  There is another small front coming in next week. And Irma is off the coast of Africa headed this way. 
Sadly, I havn’t sewn an inch. Nor have I made soap. Simply survived. 

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