American Flag

I saw a soap online that I just HAD to duplicate.  Kim Taggard at Boulder city soap and candle company  created it. It is called Americana. Go look it up!  Her process is amazing

I am sure this was a cold process, while mine is a hot process, so I knew there would be a few issues. But I wanted to try anyway.

First, I bought the star mold. Then used a honey glycerin melt and pour. It came out perfect!!

I was out of goatmilk powder, so I ended up with lye water that was too hot.  Soap Volcano!!!

But it was ok.  I colored it, scented it, and went to work.

I was really happy, even with the uneven stripes and too-low blue section. Practice makes perfect!

The cut made me smile!  And then….the color started changing. FacePalm. I forgot the vanilla stabilizer. Crap.

Not sure what color this will turn into in the end. I guess it is now called Ragged Old Flag. Lol. It smells amazing though!  Like Smores!!

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