Hot Process soaps CAN still be beautiful

See?  Beautiful!   And this was made with liquid colors from a Big Box Store.  It gets better!!!!

This is a Honey Melt and Pour base, that I mixed with neon powder colors from Wholesale Supplies Plus.  I am NOT affiliated with them; I am simply very happy at the moment!!  Look at this CUT!

It swirled a bit more than I wanted, but I am still happy!

And then there is this one!!!!

The color, the swirl, I am in LOVE!  The flecks bug me a bit, but I have figured out what happened.  And I still love this!!

The last one I tried today, is a Patchouli Rose.   The colors are so dreamy and light.  Exactly the shades I was looking for.  And notice…no flecks!

And I almost succeeded in a proper Butterfly Swirl!!

I have another box coming in today with a star column mode, Smore’s Campfire Fragrance, and Americana color powders.  Care to guess what I will be making??!!!    I just need more lye and Castor oil………

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