Perfecting the Swirl

I am perfecting my swirl.   The SOAP swirl, that is!!   It is taking some effort, but I am pretty close.   I already have a great recipe.  Very very happy with it.  I have decided I will have several lines.  An All Natural Essential Oil no coloring line, a crazy fragrance oil and color swirls line, and a drunken line.   Yes, I said Drunken Line!!  LOL.  I made 3 drunken soaps over Easter Break. 2 with wine and one with beer.  As well as 4 others.

First was a Grapefruit Chardonnay.  Goat Milk powder is mixed into the wine.  The sugars in the wine made for a very quick trace!!

Next was a Blackberry Merlot.  Again, milk powder was added.

Last, I used my Handyman’s home brewed Peanut Butter Porter.  Added just a dash of musk, hoping to up the manly factor.  I should have added more, but it is still a good product.

At this date, 5/18/17, I have NO Cardonnay left.   And only a few of the Merlot and Porter.

The other swirls are good too.   A Patchouli rose, which was a custom scent….(original is sold out, but the second batch is curing)A cucumber melon (sold out)and Cool Water (also sold out)

All 3 of these soaps are available now.   The next 2 batches are in the cure stage, and will be available soon. Including these beauties.

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