Some new kids!

We made a trek the Wednesday after Easter to All We Need Farms in Needville TX for some new does,  Nothing like a Nubian goat!!   Those ears–oh man those ears!! 

She had 2.   We went for only one.

The Blue Eyed Boy chose the darker and more annoying one.  HAHAH  She is a nibbler, and a super nosy busybody.

Loads of personality!  But somehow, we couldn’t leave the other one.   They are not from the same mama, but they were raised as if they were.   So the quieter paler doeling came home too.

Flat tire made for an interesting pit stop.   2 goats on a noose leash at a truck stop!

However, once we got them home, the quiet pale one became SUPER vocal!!  Hollers for attention.  She can’t stand to be without a human.  Both of them are so loving, so sweet, so personable.   Nothing like a Nubian!

Their names?   The darker is Reese’s Pieces.   The lighter is Peanut Butter Cup.   We call them Reese and Peanut.

My Thalia was super jealous for awhile.   Can you tell??

And all 3 of the big girls were a little uncertain of these 2 new creatures.

But now, all get along like they have been together for ages.  (look close—there are 5 goats here!  haha)

And they all love the new paddock that HandyMan created for them.


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