New baby??!!!!!

Update–Oh heavens I wrote this ages ago and forgot to post it!!!  LOL.  Somehow it got lost.  This ended up NOT being the baby we got!!   But we are still so happy with what we did end up getting.  Stay tuned.  That post will be up soon!!!

Original post written April 12, 2017:

We are SOOO excited!!!  On the anniversary of Juniper’s Gotcha Day, we are expecting a new baby.  All We Need Farms in Needville TX has a set of twin does.  This is the stolen pic of one with a milk musache.

One of the twins will be OURS!  We sadly have to wait until the Wednesday after Easter to go get her. Until then, extra preperations will be made.  Baby Thalia ended up hurt by Juniper her second night here, so we first need a Baby Pen created.  We are also praying for babies in early December.

My poor hubby is also tired of the hay mess in his shed.  Second is a hay loft.

Third, the barn was never properly skinned….we used plastic to protect this year.  Next winter will have a properly protected barn.

AND (best for last)……Brewmaster is making a huge expanded paddock for the girls in our sideyard!!!   They will love this extra space! Especially on weekends and during the summer.   The dogs will have their backyard, and the goats will have theirs!!

Some more good news… homemade soap is selling well!   The few who bought it at the last craft fair are clamoring for more.

I know most soapers sneer at anything Hot Processed (ie cooked in a crockpot), but I LOVE the quirky imperfections it delivers!  I have a fairly solid recipe finally.  Still a few tweaks to be made, but I am 90% happy with my product. I can’t wait to use fresh milk from Thalia, instead of the powdered I use now.

And then the cheese…….OH the CHEESE!!!!!

GBye, y’all!!!

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