Sailboats for Gitch

There is an amazing man at my church.  He and his beautiful bride welcomed a very young me into their home and family when I moved here so many years ago. Then my HandyMan moved here, married me, and was also welcomed. Then a baby came, and their granddaughter was one of her GodMothers.

He loved sailing and his beautiful sailboat. So when this fabric rolled into Quilts Bayou, I couldnt help it. Even HandyMan (who had come by for a quick visit) said I had to buy it.

So I did.  And I know it must have been well over a year by now. Well, he turned 90 yesterday.  And I just HAD to get this quilt done.  But then once I got the flimsy done, me and the girls fought over who got to quilt it!!

Soooo….I used a light wedgewood  blue and a gentle water type pattern.

blue sailboat quilt

Then WildChild used a varigated teal to add some waves.

Then crazy Apprentice took a navy thread and put peacock feathers ALL OVER it!  Hahahah.  It came out amazing.

Now to plan a few more quilts to be done over the summer…!

We three make a great team!  These girls are amazing.

Here you can see all 3 threads used for the quilting.

And even LC the Cat approves!   YAY!I am hopeful that Mr Gitch will enjoy his quilt for many more years.


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