4H Parish and District Livestock Shows

4H shows have come and gone.  Both rabbit and goat.   Apprentice didn’t do so well this year in Parish, but did much better in District.  2nd in class as well as 2nd in Showmanship in her class.  I’d like to post more, but her bunny this year is a witch, and not photogenic at all.  LOL.   In the past, Apprentice has not won squat with HunnyBunny (way too big for her breed) but has netted 2 Champion and 1 Reserve in Showmanship.  This year, the rabbit ruined her chances.   The doe is CRAZY!

The goats did well in both.   In District, Thalia the Nubian took 1st.  lol.  She as the only ONLY Nubian!!   Juniper the Pygmy took Reserve Champion, and best in class.  We will take that.   It netted WildChild a few buckles!

At District, Thalia had competition and took last.  Judge said she was too thin.  BUT the winner came over and chatted later and said that in ADGA shows his doe took last for being overweight.   So who knows!  The biggest things we learned with her is that they MUST be shaved (OMGOSH she changed COLORS!!!) and that coats are needed when it drops to 40 at night.

Juniper the Pygmy took best in class (ONLY one!!  lol) but then took Reserve Champion as well as Grand LA bred.   And there WAS competition.

WildChild didn’t do so well in Showmanship, but we had only figured it out the night before.   Her 4H class did NOT prepare her at all.  So while she took dead last, I was still very impressed with how hard she tried.   Because of my new Working status, we were unable to take the does to State.   I didn’t have enough days left.   But next year, I hope to.   Because I feel like the Nubian at least will impress a true dairy goat judge.


I owe so much to several neighbors.    Their help has been amazing.    They will probably never see this, but Stacey Rousell, Karen Quinn, Chrissy LeBleu, Amy and Syndey Pearce, Harold and Sue Theriot, and Thomas Cox were all amazing to this crazy newbie.   Thank You.

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