The soap saga

So I have discovered LOTS of issues with soaping. First, Hot Process may be faster, but it is super thick. Which is resulting in weird holes in the round bars I make.

Maybe they would look better if I had a classier mold than a Pringles can, but I doubt it. Lol.

I did succeed in making a pretty MeltAndPour for my niece.   There’s a plus!

Then the Cold Process….I like that the artistic part can be added. Swirls and stuff. Sadly, I had issues there too. The fragrance oil made 2 batches seize up, resulting in these weird looking bars.

It may be the fragance I bought at Michaels. I have no idea. I can say that I am not hapy with the scent. Not. At. All. The third batch seemed to work better and in was super happy.

Until the top turned white with soda ash.  Sigh.  I hope I can remove it.

There is also a storage issue. I have to soap CP long before I need it, so that I can give it time to cure. HP can technicaly be used right away. However, a short cure time does yield a more superior bar. Harder, longer lasting, and the lather feels better.

I also have discovered that additives may need to be tweaked.  I made a heavenly HP Mocha soap with coffee grounds as an additive for exfoliation.   Let me tell you…..plain ole Community Coffee is way too large of a grind for exfoliation!  Be sure to rinse really well, because a tiny piece getting stuck in delicate areas HURTS!

For the last craft fair I also made bath bombs.  When they were fresh, they were amazing

But SWLA weather and a saran-wrapped bomb do not play well. All the leftover bombs have crumbled into nothing. The waste of money, time, and ingredients is very upsetting.

This was the spread from November’s Craft Fair.  Now, to get some more goodies for the March one!

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