Jr Beta State Convention 2017

The Apprentice has moved up to Senior Beta, and was entirely too busy to enter the Fiber Arts Competition this year.   Now she is regretting it, but hey——-Decisions!!  LOL  (She did, however, enter a Hot Air Balloon in the STUCO competition!!)

So WildChild entered!   As a 6th grader, it is her turn in Jr Beta.  And I think she made a decent representation.   The theme this year is Above And Beyond, and Nationals is held in Orlando.  Think Disney World.   Now SOME interpreted this into Firemen/Policemen/Military, and how they go Above And Beyond the Call of Duty.    I totally get this!!   However, our crazy brains all 3 turned to Disney…….Toy Story…….Buzz Lightyear….and somehow, to Space.    Apprentice was going to try and make a Nebula before deciding that she just couldn’t swing it.   Kind of like this quilt…….(found this online and can’t figure out who to credit…PLEASE let me know who/how to tag the owner!)

But WildChild took it to StarWars!!   We found this amazing Patchwork Death Star by Quirky Granola Girl. I contacted her and asked if we could enlarge and use her pattern, and she said YES!!!   THANK YOU!!!

This was the idea in our peabrains…….

And WildChild got pretty darn close!!    This is it before the binding.Ultimately, she opted against the stars in the original plan.   She thought it would be too busy.  And she made some of the small  Tie Fighters purple, to show how far away they are.   She also added in the Millennium Falcon, although we both wish it had been made bigger.

Now——Step By Step—–How was this accomplished???   Well, first we took the pattern and imported into Publisher.   Enlarged it to a 36″ piece.   Printed it, taped it, and traced it onto WunderUnder, choose the layout of fabrics, laid it out, and ironed it.  It sounds simple, but this took several days.  The good machine is out of commission, so no proper applique blanket stitch.   The backup machine has only a 1/4″ piecing foot, so she had to settle for a plain straight stitch.  NOT the best choice, but all we could do.

Then it was loaded onto the Empress MidArm.   She quilted the background in a short day.   The thread painting was what took forever.


Again, a pattern was printed in Publisher, printed, and taped together. It was laid on the quilt, traced, and then threadpainted.

The same was done for the 3 different sized Tie Fighters.

I find out sometime today how well she did.  There are 13,000+ kids there this year.   The largest convention ever.   AND the Quilting Competition became joined with CrossStitching, as well as any other kind of knitting/crocheting/etc and is now all called Fiber Arts.   So she has some serious competition.

Regardless, I am proud of her.   She worked hard, and honestly did the work herself.  Which is more than I can say for some others (ehem—my quiltshop did all quilting on an entry last year)

Way to Geaux, WildChild!!    We love you!



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