Wow. Things are crazy

I don’t even know where to start.  So much on my plate, and I’m not “hungry”.  I currently have 3 quilts ready to be quilted—2 are customer tops.  The Apprentice is entering a quilt in the Jr Beta Convention, so we are trying to work on that pattern.  (more later)  WildChild is currently at the machine sewing a swap block (LOTS more to blog about with her later) I have a tshirt quilt to have done by May, and a twin-ish throw that is also a t-shirt quilt of sorts.  Then let’s not discus the numerous patterns I wanted to get done, and the UFO’s floating around.   I thought I had my mojo back, but sadly, no.

Add to this the frustrating habit of mine for being disorganized.  The studio is virtually useless.  I can’t see to dig out of the clutter.  If I spent time cleaning/decluttering/organizing, then I don’t create.   And I have deadlines to meet, so I HAVE to create.  I will figure it out.   I always do.  In the meantime, please bear with me.  I’ll be back.

A sample of the Ticklish fabrics. Aren’t they AWESOME??

So The Apprentice…….She is in Jr Beta this year.   At the State level, there are several competitions.  Photography, sculpture, painting, cross-stitch, and QUILTING.  She is a typical pre-teen girl.  LOVES crazy bright colors.   I’ve held on to 2 charm packs of Ticklish for a LONG time.  Well over a year now.  (Jessica will remember…she was with me!)  I loved it so much that I went straight to HobbyLobby for Kona Cottons.   Couldn’t decide what colors I wanted, so I bought a yard of 6 different colors!!  LOL   Little did I know, it would be the best decision.

The mockup
The mockup

I am precutting her fabric.   I’m sure no one would expect an 11 year old to handle a Blade Of Doom.  Besides, most of the cuts are 5″ squares anyway.  So we could have just bought charm packs of the solids.  I will also trim her squares down.  Again—-dangerous for her to do.  The pattern will be a “Confident Beginner” pattern.   It is almost all Half Square Triangles.  So a super beginner would be a tad nervous.  But The Apprentice is confident!

A bonus—-SHE is sewing the sample for my pattern!  LOL  I HAVE A MINION!!!

I wanted to redo this quilt, and actually do a pattern for it, but I think since I’ve hoarded Ticklish for over a year, letting it be used will help ease the clutter!!!!

Ticklish was originally planned for this quilt.
Ticklish was originally planned for this quilt.
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3 thoughts on “Wow. Things are crazy”

  1. My daughter was 13 when I came home to find she had for the first time rotary cut 6 inch squares to make a quilt. All she said was “but I didn’t cut myself!” Yeeks!

    Wow! I know just what you mean about clutter and creating. Wish I could send my son-in-law to assist in organizing. He did such a great job for me–and with me. Tough to take time away to do but I am MORE creative and productive now than 3 weeks ago. Checkout my photos @

    Look forward to your next post.

  2. Maybe if you just spend 1/2 hour to an hour picking up a bit ….you would feel a bit less stressed in studio (mess). could make the sewing experience a bit more peaceful. I just had to do same a few days ago. I was getting kinda frazzled every time I walked into the studio, finally figured out it was the mess. cleaned up just a bit, and felt much better. good luck.

    I love ticklish, have some hoarded here too 🙂

  3. Wow!! I know what you mean by being this busy…the same here most of the time. I have hand quilting for customers waiting for me too. And piecing orders that will have to be hand quilted when put together, but this keeps me going. love being busy.