This quilt top is almost done.   Only 3 more seams left.  In the real version, all teal diamonds are the same color.auntlaurie2I need to know 2 things.

1) How would you quilt this queen quilt?
2) What COLOR would you use?  1 color, or 2?

The client wants a more modern feel.   The diamonds end up being about 6″ wide and 14.5″ tall.   My machine is a midarm—only an 18″ throat.  And I am NOT good at using rulers for straight lines yet.

Thanks in advance for ANY advice!!  Now, to go work on these 2 antique quilts.  Can’t WAIT to share these with you!!!

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7 thoughts on “advice??”

  1. Sorry, but this is a ruler quilt – just a straight one! Or you could do a wiggle line instead of straight lines and use echo lines (straight or wiggly) about 1/2″ apart on the white and then do different fills in the turquoise – pick a few that you like and alternate them in lines. I would also mount the quilt sideways to make it easier to do a whole row without interruption. This will be a blast to quilt!