Kitten Update.

I’m pretty sure I posted on my newest baby, Possum.   Yup—-right here.

GG PhotographyBut I don’t think I ever told you his story.    We have a lot of stray’s running around here.  A LOT.  On September 23, a gorgeous calico gave birth under my husband’s boat.  She had SEVEN!   Only 3 survived the first few days.  I was trying SO hard to avoid these amazingly adorable, fuzzy kittens.   We already have 6 cats in my house.  When out of nowhere, a tiny grey, fleabitten, half naked, ugly kitten runs up and screams at me.   When I pick it up, he lances my nose, and punctures my index nail, and lays my thumb WIDE open.  Blood everywhere.   He was an absolute wreck.  Don’t believe me???   LOOK!


See?    And that was after a bath and flea treatment.   He had ringworm (still battling that a bit) and some kind of allergic reaction to the flea and ant bites, as well as poor nutrition.  He was about 5 weeks old and only weighed 1/2 a pound.

IMG_2560And this is him now.   3 lbs at just over 3 months.   Fully furred, and a DEVIL!  lol

IMG_20131223_220542In the mean time, one of those furry calico kittens was still here.   Another long story, but……

IMG_20140102_102016She is now living the high life at Granny’s house!   She and her brother had a great time playing together!!  LOL

IMG_2540And her name is Foxie.

IMG_2542Now, if ANY more kittens show up, I solemnly swear to harden my heart.   because there truly is No Room At The Inn.

And thank you to my amazing husband who puts up with my animal hoarding tendancies.  He is a good GOOD man, ya’ll!

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2 thoughts on “Kitten Update.”

  1. Oh, kittens are my weakness. I cannot be practical when it comes to kittens. If we had strays we’d be the cat house! LOL.

    Wanted to send you a hug in response to your comment on my “just thinking” post. I know it and you know it – making the choice to enjoy our families is something worth SO MUCH MORE than anything else we could be achieving.