a Trio of TableRunners

My mother commissioned three table runners for her friends.  I’m positive none of them read my blog, AND they got them yesterday.  Sooooo……..IMG_21652 shades of green, a yellow, and the green daisy print.  Isn’t it sweet???

IMG_2167I quilted in a daisy pattern.  And striped the back.


The 2nd was green and blue.


I LOVE the churndash block.  It is truly one of my favorites.  Mom requested the paisley quilting.IMG_2170

And another striped back!!!IMG_2171

Last, the carpenter’s Square.  My other major favorite block!!!IMG_2172

Toss in some piano keys and it’s perfect!!!!    I orange peeled the center……IMG_2173

And then straight diagonal lines on the keys.IMG_2174

And another striped back!!   Seriously, so easy, and yet each of these are reversible!!!IMG_2175

I sure hope Mom’s friends love their new goodies.  I’m pretty pleased.  The intent was to create patterns when I made these, but I was too pushed for time.  Darn.  Guess I have to make the all again!!  LOL

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6 Responses to a Trio of TableRunners

  1. farmquilter says:

    Gee, can I be your mom’s friend too??? Beautiful!!!

  2. Barb says:

    These are fantastically beautiful, especially the Carpenter’s Square. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE create patterns for us!!!

  3. CC says:

    pretty pretty pretty

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