Swaps round 2

As promised, here are the stockings WildChild and I made!!!   These ended up being a tad tough for WildChild.   I helped a lot more than I had hoped, but it truly was beyond her current skill level.  That being said, she was next to me while I sewed, and made all design/color choices.   So this still is HER swap!!!IMG_2163She DID embroider these labels all by herself!IMG_2162

I was pretty impressed with her!!  LOLIMG_2161

CaliGirl likes vintage looking Santa’s.  Kat found this scrap and we both knew it was perfect.IMG_2160

And I went with super traditional red/green/gold for Judy.IMG_2159



I totally LOVE this fabric line!!!IMG_2156

I really enjoy the swaps.  There is another one starting back up in either Late December or Early January.  Go sign up for The Quilting Gallery emails.  You will NOT be sorry!!!


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  1. Laurie says:

    These are beautiful. Nice job on that embroidery, too.

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