Fleur De Lis quilt

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Now, on to the quilt!!!  Do you remember this picture?

Well, those fabrics got turned into 16 of THESE!

And those, after being sewn, bordered, quilted and bound, have become…

60 inch square, Log Cabin Blocks, with applique $150
quilted Fleurs

I’m so happy with this.  This is made for a client, so can not be sold.  However,  I WILL take orders.  Delivery won’t be until at least the end of January, though.  I have some Christmas gifts, and a craft show to get done between now and then.

I truly love the log cabin block.  I’ve used it on several other occassions.  Depending on how they are set up, the coolest designs form!

This one became almost star-like.

And this became a Cancer Awareness Ribbon.

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14 thoughts on “Fleur De Lis quilt”

  1. I love the Fleur De Lis quilt. If the 60″
    is $150 how much would it be for a twin size? I would need it by May.
    Also do you make any quilts that look like they have small crosses in maybe grays and greens and purples or lavenders? Absolutely NO REDS,
    Oranges or Yellows.
    If I find one I like I need a king size. Thanks!

    1. Maria, this post is 3 years old, so prices have gone up considerably. A twin like this would be $350 because of the seams and the applique. I can get it done by May. If you are in the US, shipping is $20 and 4% tax. Kings start at $500 for simple easy patterns. I do not currently have anything in crosses, but if you email me your ideas, I can work in EQ to design a pattern that you’d like. my email is squeegeatc at aol dot com Sorry it’s spelled out…..slows down the spammers!

          1. I just need one applique the same size &color of the one you have on this quilt. I am making a Saint’s quilt &would love to have that as the center block.

    1. Dear Christy,

      Thank you for the interest! This quilt as a queen will be $400. There is a domestic shipping cost of $20 and 4% tax, so a total of $436.00 I am booked through the month of march, but can put you on the list for April. If you want to be added to the list, I require a $100 non-refundable deposit. 2 months before the delivery, I require another $100. The remainder is due 2 weeks before the shipping date. I do accept Paypal, if that makes it easier for you. And most of my clients pay in installments, instead of all at once.

      I hope this was informative, and that we can do business together! Have a wonderful day!

      Amy Gay Butterfly Angels

  2. I love the Fleur de Lis. I can see why you are so proud of it and you should be. 😀

    The other two quilts are equally as pretty. A neat idea with the block placements for the ribbon. I was thinking of doing a breast cancer awareness quilt but wanted the ribbon to be subtle but noticeable at the same time so I may borrow this idea, if that’s okay.