Pumpkin Spice Melt-N-Pour

As summer ends (not soon enough in SWLA!) many people’s thoughts turn to all things pumpkin. I wanted to try a soap!  I found a cold process recipe with real pumpkin that I want to try, but the Melt-N-Pour is so much quicker. So off to Michael’s I went!


Sadly, there was no Goat Milk base. I grabbed the Double butter instead.  I figured it would be nice and luxurious.


The base with the spice in it already looked really neat, but I wanted to try some soap colors.

image My Apprentice and I attempted a decent swirl, with 3 colors.

imageI think we were in too much of a hurry, and that the soap needs to be a bit cooler next time.

imageThe specks in the bottom sure look pretty though!!!  In general, I am happy.

imageGetting my formulas down is more important than Soap Art right now!  Lol

Oatmeal Honey HotProcess Soap

Well, this last batch started out OK. Again, no horrible smell. I kept it nice and cool so as to not burn the goatmilk.


It is a more gentle soap, with mostly Olive Oil, so it took a while to reach trace.  Almost there…


I will need a new stick blender soon. This one was already well used!   This is what the soap looked like at about 15 minutes of cooking in the crockpot. I ended up cooking it for an hour.


It still looked decent until I added the honey and oatmeal. I think I may have scorched it. The color got instantly dark. The blog I got the recipe from says it “smells yummy enough to eat”. Well, mine DOES NOT!  Lol.


I also learned that when lining the mold, make SURE the print of a plastic bag is not on the interior surface…. lol


In general, the soap has a great feel, and a wonderful lather. Just the smell is off.


Sigh. Back to the drawing board!!

Cold Process Soap Attempt #1


I DID IT!!  Well, at least I think I did!  LOL. I won’t really know until the end of September, I guess. maybe a little earlier, but not much.

imageIt was really easy!  Easier than I expected.  And didn’t smell nearly as bad as I had read.


This is my frozen goat milk, reconstituted from powder, and the lye.  Everything I read warned me about the heat from the chemical reaction causing the milk to scorch, but the frozen block of milk barely got warm.

imageThen I added the lye to my melted and cooled oils, and started blending.  This is just starting.  I admit, the color shocked me.  I used Red Palm Oil, because it was all I could find.  Normal Palm Oil won’t be so um…..BRIGHT!  lol

imageA few minutes in and it started to get little thicker.


Then we hit Trace!  It happened pretty fast.

imageI added in the purple lavender buds and the lavender oil, and that was when I realized what I was making……and it matched my SHIRT!

imageYup!  I made Tiger Tonic Soap!  Take a shower with it before the game, and it MIGHT keep your BP down!  LOL

imageThe batch made a whole loaf, and 16 of the little trial minis.  It will be VERY hard to wait the 6 or so weeks to test it out!!  LOL.





He bought me LYE!!! He DOES love me!!

Look what my BrewMaster bought me??!!! Yayyayyay!!


Why am I so excited about drain cleaner, you ask?! Lol. Well, I am making soap. I realize that lye scares everyone. It is a very dangerous chemical. But did you know that ALL bar soap starts with lye? Serious! The lye and the fats used cause a chemical reaction called saponification. I will use a cold process, which will require a long curing time.

I also bought this.


Until my does are gifting me with my own raw milk, this will have to do!  Tomorrow I will get the oils I need.  The lye/liquid reaction creates high heat and fumes, so I need to work out doors.  SWLA is NOT nice in August. LOL. Sunday we have church, so I expect this to happen Monday AM.  I am so excited!

Thank you for following this new journey of Butterfly Angels.  I have always loved science, and this is no different than a giant Science Project!!

Ugly Katrina

Those Utilitarian quilts, where Grandma threw the kitchen sink at a project, are often more like crazy quilts. I usually call this genre Ugly Quilts. I never have believed they are actually ugly. It started as a joke with Mrs Sarah many years ago, and sort of stuck.


After Hurricane Katrina my mom was gifted this “Ugly Quilt”. The entire front is made of cotton duck. I think the back is an Ikea print, but only because I have seen similar stuff by them.


The batting is maybe a super thin piece of flannel?  Not sure. The piecing is super wonky and modern. Nothing matches up, and I am sure it was done this way on purpose.


The only order is how the quilter hand tied it. Nice and neat and orderly. The ties match across the quilt in a stark contrast to the haphazard piecing. Ugly Katrina is surprisingly heavy and warm, considering the thin batting. My girls and I fight over it every time we visit mom!  Lol. We LOVE it!


This brings to mind the necessity of labels. I wish this quilt had a label. I’d love to meet the generous soul who created and gifted it to my parents. Whomever you are, thank you. Thank you for the reminder that humanity is still inherently good. Please don’t let her name fool anyone….Ugly Katrina is not ugly at all. And is very well loved.

PS…..  This trip I stole it from the girls!!  LOL. It is MINE!

Starting over………again

August is always my favorite time of the year.  I enjoy new pens and pencils, shiny new pencil holders, backpacks with no crumbs.  I guess it just makes sense that I am restarting AGAIN in August.

I started at Quilts Bayou in August of last year. Long story, but we are forced to close our doors at the end of this August,  I will mourn the end of my job, but I will rejoice at the new friends I made.   Angela: coffee swilling, creative, super quiet but amazingly sweet.  Daisy: loud as me, equally creative with the best laugh EVER. I can’t imagine not seeing them 2x a week.  These girls gave me some sanity last year, and allowed me to sew without it being a chore, despite it being a “job”. Thank you, girls.

So what do I do now?  Well I hope to finally get those patterns made.  I hope to diminish my UFO pile.  I hope to continue substitute teaching at the local schools.  I hope to watch my Freshman cheer at games, my Middle Schooler sing in her choir, and my boys trying not to kill each other.  I hope to spend more time with My Husband.  Lord knows I ADORE that man.

I hope to gain a few customers and make them happy with T-shirt quilts or custom orders.

I hope to enjoy our goats, train the dumb mutts, and hopefully not loose any more animals to old age.

I hope to get this house back in shape, and more importantly, KEEP it that way.  There are a lot more to this list, but this is a good start.  LOL.

I also hope to get back to a blogging schedule.  Even if it IS only about the goats, or the kids.  I have plans for the one milk goat, and this is a good platform on which to talk about her! LOL. Want a hint??  BATHBOMBS!


Thank you for you patience over the years. I really hope I can stick to it this time…..