Let the Beta Times Roll

My Apprentice has made several quilts now for the Jr Beta conventions. The first year she did Beyond the Rainbow. She still sleeps under it. The second year she did a small art wall hanging for the Beta Rocks theme. But this year, she went ALL out!  She started with the Pixelated Louisiana pattern by my friend Daisy Fredericks. All 2.5″ squares!!  Then she added some borders to make it a twin size. For some reason, I have no pictures of her piecing it!  Once it was pieced, she went to the Tin Lizzie. She practiced for days on paper to get the peacock feather down!

imageShe searched the internet for fonts and designs.

imageWe used Publisher to blow up the designs, printed it on foundation paper, then pinned it to the quilt.


Traced carefully with the machine, then peeled ALL that paper out!!  That made a mess.

imageThen she went back and thread painted to fill it all in.

imageThe results were STUNNING!


She ended up taking 3rd place in the State competition.  We didn’t get to see the competition, so I’m not sure HOW anyone in this age range could have done better!  LOL. imageI wonder if they don’t believe she did it??  lol.  Honestly, this is better crafted than anything I have done myself.  Did I guide her?  Yes.  But I promise, I ONLY did some of the design and background work.   I didn’t do any of the piecing, and only helped slightly with the tracing.  The rest of this is ALL done by an amazingly talented 13 year old.


She and I head to the National Convention TOMORROW!!!  We get to view the other Arts and Crafts, including quilts, Friday night.   Awards are Saturday AM.  Wish us luck!!   This crazy girl of mine has worked hard on her baby.

Grover has said goodbye

We learned a real hard lesson here at the Muddy 3/4 Acre last week. Sometimes, the assumed pros are not always correct. And it pays to do your own research even after asking the pros.


imageGrover was a wether. A fixed male goat. He was adorable. A Nigerian Dwarf, so small. He allowed you to pick him up, then snuggled into your neck. Sighing happily.



He was also a chowhound. We were very careful to give him less feed than the does. But it wasn’t enough.  The does are on a high protein show goat feed.  It caused Urinary Calculi (stones) in Grover.  Wethers and even Bucks are prone to this.


We decided to pay the ungodly amount to reroute his urethra. We loved this guy that much. But once he was open, there was too much damage. The vet called for permission, and Grover’s spirit was allowed to leave his body.



I am fighting hard to even write this blog. My sweet WildChild will hopefully skip reading it. It just hurts so much.


We love you, Grover. Thank you for your short, but meaningful life. Any and all other wethers that enter our life will benefit from your lesson.


And dang I need to get back to quilting……..

Still Quilting!!

So all last week I have bragged about my goats and my Muddy 3/4 Acre Farm.  But I am sort of still sewing!  I currently work part time at the local quilt shop.  Quilts Bayou is a great place!!  I am the sewist there.


I do a bunch of Tshirt quilts.


And I do mean a BUNCH!  lol


I even used old clothes to make a new style baby memory quilt.


I am super pleased with the way it came out.  And occasionally, I make samples.  I helped design this for our Alice In Wonderland fabrics.


And this is something NEW!!!!


I also joined a local Quilting Bee.  By the time I left, 8 other woman and I had managed to get this entire quilt top completed.  In about 3 hours!


The plan is to Old Fashioned Hand Quilt it.  I can NOT wait!!!

Meet the Herd-Thalia Grace

So has anyone noticed the theme to our names??  Grover, Juniper, Thalia Grace?  What if I told you that the first set of Boy/Girl twins will be Annabeth and Percy?!  LOL. we are HUGE Rick Riordan fans over here.


Thalia is a Nubian goat, born April 6th.  She came to us as a 10 day old bottle baby.  And she is a HUGE baby!


Spoiled rotten and difficult to wean.  But a sweet, loving, adorable pest!  She makes me smile constantly.  I need to try and upload some of the IG videos.

imageAt 4 weeks she was already 20 lbs.  At 6 weeks, she is 26 lbs.  When she is approximately 8 months old, she will be about 80 lbs and ready to be bred.

imageA full sized, matured, in-milk doe can be close to 150 lbs or more.  Thalia’s mom was a big big girl, and gives about a gallon of milk a day.

imageThalia will be used for 4H shows, and will be the start of my little dairy.  I don’t expect to go overboard…I have WAY too much to do.   But goat milk tastes great, the cheese does too, and soap can be sold!

imageThose EARS y’all!  LOL.  I just love them!

imageThis is her at 2 weeks.  She was about 14lbsimage

And this is 5 weeks, and 26lbs!image

She doesn’t fit in laps like this anymore, either!


Meet the Herd-Grover

Next in our herd is Grover.  He is a 2.5 month old Nigerian male.  And he is now wethered.  So no babies, no obnoxious buck behavior, no SMELL!  Because he is wethered, he can’t be a show goat.  He is a HE and can’t give milk.  So he is a useless member of the herd!!  HAHAH.  image

WildChild fell in love with him on-sight, and had to have him.   She earned her own money to purchase him.


Thalia Grace enjoys having another “kid” to play with, so he isn’t entirely without merit.  He loves to snuggle, nibble your clothes, and REALLY loves to try and steal my coffee.  He sneezed in my cup–I was done for the day after that!


Grover loves to eat.  and I mean LOVES to eat.  He gave us a bit of a scare this weekend when he had a case of the scours.  (aka diarrhea). Pretty sure it was all the fresh green stuff he has been eating.  I let them all roam the yard for a few days, when the dogs were inside.  I guess he had too much for his baby stomach.

imageimageGrover will get a bit taller, and (the way he eats) a LOT wider.  His horns have been removed, just like the does.  Safety first!!

imageSee his heart on his face?   Isn’t he a doll!

Next post—-the clown of the herd.   Ms Thalia Grace.

Meet the Herd-Juniper

We have named ourselves The Muddy 3/4 Acre. Care to guess why?  image

We ended up with SO much rain in the month of April. We had dirtwork planned because we are moving in a pool and building a deck. It started raining three days after the dirt was left. And only stopped last week. What a MESS.


Poor Juniper came home the day before the first nasty storm.  The bottom fell out. At that point we only had a tarp as a temporary roof. Mr Brewmaster was up several times…I was up several times. Finally at 4:30 I chickened out and brought her in.


At that point, the roof was still intact. But at 6:30 ish when the sun came up, not so much!!!

imageThankfully, the 2nd tarp held long enough, although I did bring all 3 in the house for one of the storms. We got the real roof up quickly.

imageJuniper is a year old Pygmy goat. She won’t get any taller than she is now.   However, she WILL get wider.  Especially if we breed her.


She had some culture shock!  Her herd had at least 20 does, she had no children running around, and no dogs. Now she has only 2 friends, 4 kids, and those loud slobbery noisy dogs. She seems to have adjusted well, though. Demands scratches, loves to eat, and finally quit chasing the “kids” in the pen.

imageShe is a lazy bum, but we already love her.  imageJuniper will end up being a 4H show goat, for my WildChild (seen in the above pictures). imageNext post, you meet Grover!!!

The newest venture…..

As my kids get older, they are interested in different things. My Apprentice already had a 4H show bunny. WildChild wantes a pygmy goat. And MAMA wanted milk to feed these growing boys!

But first….the housing must be made!  My poor husband thought I was crazy, but I wanted to use pallets. Free wood, right?  Well….sort of. But it was a hassel.

First I had to lay down cinderblocks and make them level. There IS no level ground in this yard, so that involved trenching to get some in. We found roots. Lots and lots and lots of roots. image
Little by little, the cinderblocks were laid. Then the first section of walls went up.


And a roof.  This was only temporary. And BOY was it.  The first roof was blue. And a nasty storm blew through the first night Juniper came home.  Thankfully I brought her inside at 4:30.  Because at 6:30, there was no roof left!  image

So this was with a 2nd tarp and better tie downs.  It still was a wreck with all the nasty weather.    We made haste to get Phase 2 implimented as quickly as possible. imageThankfully that night was dry. The roof went up the next day.image

WildChild and her FrankenHerd are happy. image

I am still not done. Phase 3 is to demolish more pallets and lay a skin on the outside. Then Phase 4 is to incorporate the tree trunk we left as a support for a hayloft.