I’m BACK!!!

I know, I’ve said that before.  But I am finally sewing again.  These days I work for a small quiltshop here called Quilts Bayou.  I am the sewist.  I LOVE it.  Great ladies; great coworkers; great fabrics; great projects!!

The site updated and now looks like crap, so bear with me as I slowly move things around and make room for new stuff.  Like our new Goat Herd!  lol. that got your attention, now didn’t it?!

Nail Polish Tote

I had a swap in a nail polish group.   Yes—-I LOVE nail polish!   Check out my IG account—–PLENTY on there!  LOL

nail polish caddy tote


We do a swap every now and then.  Roughly $25 worth of goodies.  I try to add something homemade if at all possible.


nail polish caddy tote


This has 3 box pleated pockets for a base coat, top coat, and color, as well as tiny pockets on the side for orange sticks and emery boards.

nail polish caddy tote


They slide in nice and deep, and everything has 2 layers of cotton batting for protection.

nail polish caddy tote

A simple tie to hold it together and you’re ready to go!   I hope to have a pattern for it soon.


Yellow and Pink Crib quilt

Nothing as sweet as new baby girl!    And of course she needed a quilt!!  Baby Quilt Girl Pink yellow


It is for my Mother In Law’s boss.   She liked pinks and yellows, so I went with it!

Baby Quilt Girl Pink yellow


The pattern is EASY!!    A disappearing 9 patch.

Baby Quilt Girl Pink yellow


Make a 9 patch and chop it into 4 parts.   Sew back together, and there ya go!

Baby Quilt Girl Pink yellow


I had a few extra blocks, so I tossed them on the back.

Baby Quilt Girl Pink yellow


Paisley quilting, and of course, my butterfly!

Baby Quilt Girl Pink yellow


Mom and new baby are doing well, and love the quilt.

Neighbors and Friends Live Here Mugrug Swap, via the QuiltingGallery.com

I signed up to join a mugrug swap through Quilting Gallery.com  It was advertized as “some embroidery required”.    When I got around to working on them, I saw that the instructions called for hand applique as well!!   AKK!   That is a LOT of handwork!!   Later, I discovered that machine applique was allowed…oh well!   By that time I had half of one already finished.   Maybe next time I’ll reread ALL directions before starting, huh! Ultimately, I even hand sewed the binding!  I NEVER do that!  We had to follow a pattern, but some modifications were allowed.



The geese were added to mine because they evacuate here for the winter.



(yes, I know it is migrate.   I like evacuate better!)



This was supposed to only have 2 hills.   I ran out of green.   oops!



These certainly aren’t perfect, but I’m pleased with my first embroidery.



I hope my partner likes it too!



I went to mail these to Australia this AM and was told it was going to cost $45.   WHAT???!!!    It was too heavy to go First Class.   Sorry, but that 6ounce piece of fudge cam out and is now MY dessert!!!  LOL


Christmas is coming…..

I managed to get a Christmas project done.   This one was almost a year overdue.   I am happy that I finally managed to get it where it belongs.  These are cruddy Cell pictures.   I am sorry!!   I needed it shipped before I lost it!!!Christmas wall hanging


My favorite detail is the jingle bells!!!!   I LOVE it!Christmas wall hanging

Beyond the Rainbow

Since I am creating very little, let me show off my Apprentice’s work!   She made this last April for her Jr Beta convention.  it didn’t win anything, BUT she is totally proud of it.  As am I!  How many 11 year olds make an entire quilt from start to finish?  The only stitching I did on the whole thing was the binding, and only because my machine was going bonkers.  (sticky footpedal—-I took it apart and cleaned it–works great now!)Beyond the Rainbow Twin Sized Quilt


The design is one I created and hope to make a pattern out of.   The bottom square border was a necessity—she ran out of purple and we didn’t want to go to town!  And it really worked out great!   She used the Empress and just made big wavy lines.   She prefers a looser, fluffier quilt.

Beyond the Rainbow Twin Sized Quilt


The scrappy border was the icing on the cake!

Beyond the Rainbow Twin Sized Quilt


The Goober took a picture of me in the door reflection!!

Beyond the Rainbow Twin Sized Quilt


What HARD work, mom!  I am NEVER doing this again.   Until next year……..Beyond the Rainbow Twin Sized Quilt