Wow. Things are crazy

I don’t even know where to start.  So much on my plate, and I’m not “hungry”.  I currently have 3 quilts ready to be quilted—2 are customer tops.  The Apprentice is entering a quilt in the Jr Beta Convention, so we are trying to work on that pattern.  (more later)  WildChild is currently at the machine sewing a swap block (LOTS more to blog about with her later) I have a tshirt quilt to have done by May, and a twin-ish throw that is also a t-shirt quilt of sorts.  Then let’s not discus the numerous patterns I wanted to get done, and the UFO’s floating around.   I thought I had my mojo back, but sadly, no.

Add to this the frustrating habit of mine for being disorganized.  The studio is virtually useless.  I can’t see to dig out of the clutter.  If I spent time cleaning/decluttering/organizing, then I don’t create.   And I have deadlines to meet, so I HAVE to create.  I will figure it out.   I always do.  In the meantime, please bear with me.  I’ll be back.


A sample of the Ticklish fabrics. Aren’t they AWESOME??

So The Apprentice…….She is in Jr Beta this year.   At the State level, there are several competitions.  Photography, sculpture, painting, cross-stitch, and QUILTING.  She is a typical pre-teen girl.  LOVES crazy bright colors.   I’ve held on to 2 charm packs of Ticklish for a LONG time.  Well over a year now.  (Jessica will remember…she was with me!)  I loved it so much that I went straight to HobbyLobby for Kona Cottons.   Couldn’t decide what colors I wanted, so I bought a yard of 6 different colors!!  LOL   Little did I know, it would be the best decision.

The mockup

The mockup

I am precutting her fabric.   I’m sure no one would expect an 11 year old to handle a Blade Of Doom.  Besides, most of the cuts are 5″ squares anyway.  So we could have just bought charm packs of the solids.  I will also trim her squares down.  Again—-dangerous for her to do.  The pattern will be a “Confident Beginner” pattern.   It is almost all Half Square Triangles.  So a super beginner would be a tad nervous.  But The Apprentice is confident!

A bonus—-SHE is sewing the sample for my pattern!  LOL  I HAVE A MINION!!!

I wanted to redo this quilt, and actually do a pattern for it, but I think since I’ve hoarded Ticklish for over a year, letting it be used will help ease the clutter!!!!

Ticklish was originally planned for this quilt.

Ticklish was originally planned for this quilt.

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This quilt top is almost done.   Only 3 more seams left.  In the real version, all teal diamonds are the same color.auntlaurie2I need to know 2 things.

1) How would you quilt this queen quilt?
2) What COLOR would you use?  1 color, or 2?

The client wants a more modern feel.   The diamonds end up being about 6″ wide and 14.5″ tall.   My machine is a midarm—only an 18″ throat.  And I am NOT good at using rulers for straight lines yet.

Thanks in advance for ANY advice!!  Now, to go work on these 2 antique quilts.  Can’t WAIT to share these with you!!!

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Just a quick hello!  I hope to have this top done tonight.  I am on row 17 of 24.  Since it’s onpoint, it will go quicker soon.  Wish me luck!


peace and pieces,

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DIY Cupcake Wrapper Wreath Tutorial

DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath Tutorial

This was SO much fun, and really inexpensive!!!!

1. 150 regular sized cupcake liners
2. 8″ Wreath form (I used wire, but almost any wreath will do)
3. scrap fabric
4. hot glue gun and glue sticks
5. any embellishments

DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath Tutorial


Step 1.  Prep your wreath by wrapping it with the scrap fabric.   Use the hot glue to hold the ends down.DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath Tutorial


Step 2. Grab a liner and fold it in half.  Use pinking shears to cut slits about 1/2″ apart.  Only cut the ruffled sides-leave the bottom intact.DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath Tutorial


Step 3. Take a single prepared liner and start to roll it up.DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath Tutorial


Use a dab of hot glue to hold the end down.  Wrap a 2nd liner around the 1st, again using hot glue to hold the edges.DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath Tutorial


Add the 3rd liner.  Fluff out the petals with your fingers, and you have a flower!DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath Tutorial


Step 4.  Take a prepared flower and fold the end down.DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath Tutorial


Use the hot glue to attach to the prepared wreath.DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath Tutorial


Then add another.DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath Tutorial


And a few more!DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath Tutorial


Fill in the entire wreath and you are done!!

BUT WAIT!    What if you have a hole?????   DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath Tutorial


Yup—I was short about 2 flowers.   And Michael’s is 30 minutes away. Sooo……I grabbed the mini’s that came with the big ones!DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath Tutorial


Step 5.  Fold them in half, then into quarters.  Be careful to not flatten them!  You need the bend.DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath Tutorial


Lay 3 of them out in a half circle and hot glue.   Lay another 3, and then attach the 2 halves.DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath Tutorial


(by the way, can I tell you about the love/hate relationship my fingers have with hotglue????)DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath Tutorial


Take 1 more mini and wrap it like you did for the first flower.  Bend the edge and glue it in.  DONE!DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath Tutorial


Attach to your wreath in those holes!!    I didn’t like how mine blended in…..DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath Tutorial


So I did it again with some white mini’s that I had laying around.DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath Tutorial


MUCH better!!DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath Tutorial


Add your fancy doodads and hot glue a length of fabric or ribbon to use as a hanger….DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath Tutorial


And you are done!!!DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath Tutorial


Just look how sweet!!   And the TEXTURE!!DIY Cupcake Liner Wreath Tutorial


Mom suggested using foil liners, so they’d sparkle……oh boy!   I need a MardiGras Wreath!!!

This project cost me under $10.   The 3 packs of liners and the butterfly were $1 each, the form was about $4, and I went through a small bag of hot glue sticks.   The fabric was dug from the scrap bag.  I’m sure a foil liner wreath will cost more, as will a bigger one (obviously)  Other options are to only partly cover the form with liners, and use something else.   Kind of like this Christmas wreath that I made in 2012.Christmas Rag Wreath


So many amazing ideas.   Ya’ll take this and run with it.   Email me a pic; post to my FB page; let me know what you think of the tutorial!!   Good Luck!!!


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Kitten Update.

I’m pretty sure I posted on my newest baby, Possum.   Yup—-right here.

GG PhotographyBut I don’t think I ever told you his story.    We have a lot of stray’s running around here.  A LOT.  On September 23, a gorgeous calico gave birth under my husband’s boat.  She had SEVEN!   Only 3 survived the first few days.  I was trying SO hard to avoid these amazingly adorable, fuzzy kittens.   We already have 6 cats in my house.  When out of nowhere, a tiny grey, fleabitten, half naked, ugly kitten runs up and screams at me.   When I pick it up, he lances my nose, and punctures my index nail, and lays my thumb WIDE open.  Blood everywhere.   He was an absolute wreck.  Don’t believe me???   LOOK!


See?    And that was after a bath and flea treatment.   He had ringworm (still battling that a bit) and some kind of allergic reaction to the flea and ant bites, as well as poor nutrition.  He was about 5 weeks old and only weighed 1/2 a pound.

IMG_2560And this is him now.   3 lbs at just over 3 months.   Fully furred, and a DEVIL!  lol

IMG_20131223_220542In the mean time, one of those furry calico kittens was still here.   Another long story, but……

IMG_20140102_102016She is now living the high life at Granny’s house!   She and her brother had a great time playing together!!  LOL

IMG_2540And her name is Foxie.

IMG_2542Now, if ANY more kittens show up, I solemnly swear to harden my heart.   because there truly is No Room At The Inn.

And thank you to my amazing husband who puts up with my animal hoarding tendancies.  He is a good GOOD man, ya’ll!

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